Antivirus and pre-spam protection added to ALL email accounts!

  • Monday, 31st March, 2014
  • 13:53pm

Antivirus protection now on ALL email accounts!

We now pre-scan for most viruses as email passes through our servers.  These are automatically removed for you, but this is only a pre-scan and should not be used as a substitute for virus scanning software on your computer.


Pre-spam protection now on ALL email accounts!

You may have noticed in the subject lines of your emails items like {Spam?} or {Definitely Spam?} or {Disarmed}.

Why is there {Spam?} or {Definitely Spam?} in my email subject?

  • {Spam?} - means it has been reported as spam by many
  • {Definitely Spam?} - means it has been verified as spam

*The above will give you the opportunity to create a rule in your Outlook or Apple mail to place these in a spam folder automatically.

Why is there {Disarmed} in my email subject?

  • The tag {Disarmed} in the subject of an email means that the MailScanner anti-virus system has removed potentially dangerous content — in the same way that you’d say “He disarmed the bomb”.

MailScanner will automatically remove the following kinds of content from email:
File attachments which are frequently used to distribute malicious software, such as Windows .exe files. 

For the complete list, see:

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