Antivirus and pre-spam protection added to ALL email accounts!

Antivirus protection now on ALL email accounts! We now pre-scan for most viruses as email passes through our servers.  These are automatically removed for you, but this is only a pre-scan and should not be used as a substitute for virus scanning software on your computer.   Pre-spam protection now on ALL email accounts! You may have ... Read More »

31st Mar 2014
NEW Ensignia Webmail skins with all webmail!

We now have wonderful and playful new webmail skins with the Ensignia webmail option.  We also have mobile versions to choose from as well!

To view them online, just visit your website with /webmail after the domain name.


Take a look at some examples below.

30th Mar 2014
New feature for our clients to remove blacklisted IP addresses!

Ever get locked out of your website or email because of too many incorrect password attempts?   If you or one of your customers are having issues accessing your website/server, we now have a new feature for you to remove your blacklisted IP addresses or others that cannot reach you if their IP address is blocked) from your assigned ... Read More »

3rd Oct 2013
YES! We have a new website!

Don't be alarmed if everything looks different.  We just switched to a new and improved billing system as well as a new look and feel to our website.  There are many new tools installed including the ability to unblacklist yourself from the servers if our security software locked you out for too many incorrect password attempts.If you ... Read More »

27th Sept 2013
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