Synchronizes Miva with QuickBooks Pro, Premiere and Enterprise, 2004-2008 Print

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Direct connection with QuickBooks


Miva Merchant Synchro communicates directly with your Miva Merchant online store and your QuickBooks company file on your Windows PC. You simply launch the application and Miva Merchant Synchro does all the work for you, synchronizing your product and customer data, and downloading new orders.


Below is a list of some of the key capabilities of Miva Merchant Synchro:

  • Synchronizes Miva Merchant with QuickBooks Pro, Premiere and Enterprise, 2004-2008.
  • Synchronizes products, customers and orders.
  • Customizable Field Mapping.
  • Assembly Items.
  • Retrieve Payment Information.
  • Easy setup with wizards.
  • Ability to synch automatically at user-specified interval or manually.
  • Downloads Miva Merchant orders and creates QuickBooks Invoices or Sales Receipts.
  • Can be configured to ignore changes in either Miva Merchant or QuickBooks if desired.
  • Automatically manages inventory.
  • Selective synchronization - Can synch all or only selective products.
  • Automatically creates customer accounts in Miva Merchant from orders.
  • Integrates with your Miva Merchant Mailer mailing lists.


COST: $399.00 + $75 installation


System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 95 or higher Requires QuickBooks Pro, Premiere and Enterprise, 2004-2009. (Not included)

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