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First you will need to access the WHM. 


You can access the WHM on the server using after propagation 


  1. For security purpose, you should use
  2. Now click the link "Create a New Account" 
  3. Make sure that there are NO spaces before or after your domain name. Also always enter your domain name as and NOT like or 
  4. The username can be a max of 8 characters. Fill in all the details and set restrictions for the account in terms of usage/webspace/emails etc. 
  5. Do not tick the IP box or choose an IP from the IP drop down menu. 
  6. After you have filled all the the fields, click the "Create" button and your account will be created. 


Please wait for the server to create the complete account. You should not hit the "STOP" button on the browser until the process is complete. 


You will receive the account information on the right hand frame of the browser. The process will be complete on display of the account creation result. 


Save the account information for further use. Incase you have resold the account, it will be helpful in sending the account info to your new client.

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