Where do I put my webpages and files?

To make your website files available in your website, put them in the directory named public_html which is located in your home directory here: 

  •  /home/username/public_html

(do not use the 'www' folder, this simply links to the public_html folder)

The file that will be the default page shown when someone goes to just your domain name, or just to a directory, must be named index.html, index.htm, default.html or default.htm to be shown by default.


No files will be served directly from the /home/username directory. All webpages are served from inside the public_html directory. Content for subdomains should be uploaded into the appropriate 'subdomain' folder inside the public_html folder.


If you are using a Content Managment program such as Joomla or MIVA, or Wordpress, please follow the instructions for those programs.

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