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Go to the Main Menu and select Settings.

Scroll down and select Mail.

Select Add Account...

Select Other.

Select which type of email account you want: so select IMAP and add the following information to this page:

Name: Your Name
Address: youraddress@yourdomain.com
Description: Short Description

Incoming Mail Server:

Host Name: (starts with hmw)
User Name: youraddress+yourdomain.com
Password: yourpassword

Outgoing Mail Server:

Host Name: (starts with hmw)
User Name youraddress+yourdomain.com
Password: yourpassword

Click Save.

Get back into the account and scroll to the bottom of that page and click Advanced. Add the following information on this page:


Mailbox Behaviors:

Drafts Mailbox: Drafts
Sent Mailbox: Sent Messages
Deleted Mailbox: Deleted Messages

Deleted Messages:

Remove: Never (unless this is your only way you check mail)

Incoming Settings:

Authentication: Password
IMAP Path Prefix: INBOX
Server Port: 993

Outgoing Settings:

Authentication: Password
Server Port: 25

If these settings do not work, take a look at any error message to see if it talks about Password issues and make sure your server name, user name, and password are typed in correctly. 

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