I am not a “tech savvy” person but always feel assured that our websites are up and running having Rob to rely on. He is always patient and very responsive to my questions or concerns. We highly recommend Support Data!
Ryan Higa
Our request was immediately responded to completed in a very short period of time. Very happy with the service level!!!
Jeff Watson
From the time I met Rob at the grocery store I can tell you this is a first class company. everything he said was going to happen has happen quicker. Absolute pleasure.
Larry Fauls
Great customer service and support from Rob :)
Robert De Castro
Good response time & very helpful in explaining what's going on with our website.
Cynthia Takenaka
Huh? You guys are wonderful, what can I say? How am I as a customer? A PITA I know (pain in the ass)... just wish i didn't have to "open a ticket" to ask a question... too FANCY.
Sheri Smith
Rob has always provided a value for dollar and reliable service, he is a pleasure work with and always responsive and helpful. I highly recommend his company.
Lorraine Choy
As the CEO of the Support Data Group Rob Reisenwitz was introduced to me by a mutual friend.

When we met and I talked with Rob first, it became immediately apparent that he has an exceptional great in depth knowledge about his Industry and anything around it.

Rob is a perfectionist and for him, things are just not good enough, if they are not perfect. His attention to details had saved me time and money because Rob does things right the first time, every time. He is constantly looking to improve processes to make things better and since we work together our business got easier, faster and bigger.

Since April 2010, we are business partners on multiple levels and what more could one ask for in business. I also have to mention that Rob has a very big heart and love to help people how ever he can. I feel blessed to have his company as a Hi Net Associate and him as a great friend.
Thomas Trenz
Rob supported the development and launching of my website and was instrumental in troubleshooting, advising, recommending, and explaining things so things could go as smoothly as possible. He was on it from start to finish and knows his stuff. I learned something with every interaction. Rob did a great job and I highly recommend him.
Paula Thomas
We have a very successful ongoing joint venture with Rob Reisenwitz and Support Data Group Rob creates and maintains our web sites, manages our shopping cart systems, and provides all fulfillment services for our mail order division. Sales have grown exponentially. I strongly recommend Rob for all aspects of web design, search engine optimization, IT support and web site hosting needs.
Peter Cannon
Rob's enthusiasm and likeability is only surpassed by his amazing knowledge of SEO and online stores and shopping carts. Our business is in the process of getting an online store from Rob and find he is reliable and provides a good value. In addition to being Rob's client, I also find him generous with his time, ideas and referrals at our weekly BNI Million $$ Chapter meeting. I would encourage anyone who wants to have an online presence or who's webstore needs revamping to contact Rob and get A+++ treatment.
Dana Hileman
Robert has always been a top notch provider of services. He responds to inquiries and/or internet issues very promptly and finds solutions for you. I could not imagine trying to run our business that requires 24/7 internet presence without Robert being on our team.
Doug Eagleson
Robert provides top-level support for websites. Our website was always up and running any questions we had were answered quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Rob and Support Data Group
Kevin Heney
I highly recommend Rob. He is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He has always done a great job keeping our site running smoothly for years.
WavenDean Fernandes
Rob handles every detail with precision and does so in an expedient manner. His support has allowed our web site to be more user friendly and current.
Laura Mallery-Sayre
Thank you Rob for creating our website for us. We are very pleased with the look and navigation of the website. Thank you for your professional service and advice!
Linda Sato
Rob is a well learned professional and communicator with website and domain hosting. When originally contracted, Rob helped cultivate our website into a format that enabled us to accomplish our goal of selling retail product online. His skill-set and knowledge of eCommerce and direct mail shipping made our job much easier when redeveloping our network and hosting setup. Rob and his company also were able to help us incorporate new tools into our infrastructure that allowed us to grow our offerings of digital products as well. I would highly recommend Rob to other companies needing hosting and web services.
David DeLuca
Rob's knowledge with internet technology is excellent. Though there are many businesses and consultant's who may have the same experience and knowledge, it is Rob's ability to deal with his clients and business partners that set him apart. As a business owner, I am very capable and knowledgable in my field. However, this DOES NOT include understanding the Intricacies of internet technology. I leave this part to the experts and Rob has proven to be the BEST internet technician I have worked with to date. He is not only competent, trustworthy and professional but most importantly, he is patient and kind. I strongly recommend him and his partners.
Kawehi Inaba
Rob created my websites www.hawaiihypnosiscenter.com and www.hypnosisaudiostore.com and Rob has been very helpful whenever I have a question about how my website is functioning. Rob returns my calls and emails quickly and always has solutions to the little things that can come up. Thank you Rob for being there for me and my company
Mindy Ash
Rob Reisenwitz and Support Data Services have been providing Valenti Print Group with web hosting services for over 2 years now and during that time we have always found him to be knowledgeable, timely and dedicated to providing a superior service. He is a good guy to have on your team.
David Hayter
Rob is an honest, reliable, hard-working and results oriented IT professional. We've worked together for over 7 years and I count on Rob for his technical skill and expertise with networking, SEO, marketing, online sales, hardware, and security. Despite his geek cred, Rob is accessible and understandable, and I recommend him and Support Data Group without hesitation
Lisa Okino