Those on server HMW35 may have noticed slow performance and intermittent connections affecting services on this server including email and website.

This was due to failing hard drives giving errors. So new hard drives were installed and data cloned from data on the live server.

Once this was done, the tech team then noticed that the hard drive controller was also failing so they replaced the controller card and cables for good measure.

Once this was done, we noticed that there was data corruption due to these bad parts so we are in the process of restoring data from the December 23rd backup which has no errors. This will bring the websites and email back to this restore point so you may be seeing email that you may have already read as well as may be missing email that you may not have downloaded yet.

We will keep this report page up to date until everything is back to normal here:

Starting the beginning of January 2017 everyone on this server will be migrated to a brand new and faster server with an up to date operating system as well as newer security advancements. Like any computer, drives eventually fail and parts wear out and operating system need to be updated.

We apologies for any inconvenience. Stay tuned and we appreciate your understanding.

— Management


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

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