THREE QUARTERS of Android mobes open to web page spy bug

A Metasploit module has been developed to easily exploit a dangerous flaw in 75 percent of Android devices that allows attackers to hijack a users' open websites. The exploit targets vulnerability (CVE-2014-6041) in Android versions 4.2.1 and below and was disclosed without fanfare on 1 September, but had since gathered dust, ... Read More »

18th Sept 2014
Archie Exploit Kit Targets Adobe, Silverlight Vulnerabilities

A relatively new exploit kit that borrows modules copied from the Metasploit Framework and exploits any older versions of Adobe Flash, Reader and, Silverlight the user may be using has begun to make the rounds. Jaime Blasco, the director of AlienVault Labs dug deeper into kit, known as Archie, on the company’s blog ... Read More »

18th Sept 2014
Macro based malware is on the rise

Malware authors have a rediscovered their love for Visual Basic, as the percentage of macro based malware rose from around 6% of all document malware in June to 28% in July, Sophos researchers have found.Gabor Szappanos, principal researcher at SophosLabs, explained in a paper published earlier this year the advantages of Visual Basic ... Read More »

18th Sept 2014
470 million sites exist for 24 hours, 22% are malicious

Blue Coat researchers analyzed more than 660 million unique hostnames requested by 75 million global users over a 90-day period. They found that 71 percent of the hostnames, or 470 million, were “One Day Wonders,” sites that appeared only for a single day.The largest generators of these sites include organizations that have a ... Read More »

9th Sept 2014